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Foundation "To Be A Child" has been funding a children's shelter since 2003 and in later years has contributed to 2 existing soup kitchens and started up 2 other soup kitchens. In 2008, we've also initiated a Study Fund for the former children of the...


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We are a small Dutch not-for-profit organisation called "Stichting Wees Kind", which is a play on words in the Dutch language and can be translated as: "Foundation To Be A Child". We first started helping Peruvian children in 2003, when a group ...



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Stichting Wees Kind is just a small charity organi...


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The "To Be A Child" Foundation (Stichting Wees Kin...



Looking back at 2015

We are taking a moment to look back at 2015 and th...


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Account name: Stichting Wees KindAccount number (IBAN code): NL19INGB0009514505B...

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