We are a small Dutch not-for-profit organisation called "Stichting Wees Kind", which is a play on words in the Dutch language and can be translated as: "Foundation To Be A Child". We first started helping Peruvian children in 2003, when a group of nuns from Huaraz asked for our help with a children's shelter they intended to start in their convent. With the help of these nuns, our volunteers and our sponsors, our small team has already given thousands of children the basics they deserve...

Our main focus is helping children in deplorable circumstances in Peru: children who can't lead a normal life due to bitter circumstances, such as poverty, neglect and abuse.

Giving children the basics
In the South American country of Peru, children don't always get the basics that kids in more developed countries take for granted:

  • a daily meal
  • warm clothes and a good pair of shoes
  • going to school
  • playing with friends instead of having to beg or work
  • dental care

In the slums of Lima and in a city in the Andes mountains we give deprived children the essentials: shelter, food, education and dental care.

Our Team

Our team members in the Nederlands, Australia and Peru donate their professional skills and time to advance the lives of deprived and abandoned children in Peru. All of those outside of Peru work on a voluntary basis and at their own expense. We don't rent office spaces or vehicles and we guarantee that 100% of all donations goes to our projects to Peru.

Our team in Peru receives a basic reward on a monthly basis, in line with local standards, which enables them to do this work and feed their families.

The Netherlands

Anja is the co-founder and president of our Board of Directors. She is a Consultant in social property development and has worked for this charity in her spare time since 2003. Anja is an energetic fundraiser and is repsonsible for our soup kitchens.

Peter has been our Financial Controller from the start. He is part of the Board and ensures our transfers to Peru are made on a monthly basis and according to the budget. Together with Anja, he also compiles and checks our financial reports once a year.


Barbara is Anja's younger sister and has also been with this organisation since 2003. As a Journalist and Communications professional, she has been designing and editing our website, promotional material, videos and social media pages from the very beginning. Barbara is responsible for our Studyfund and Shelter Los Pinos. She has been living in Australia since 2004, where she now works as a Script Writer for Tourism Media, to produce Expedia's series of tourism videos and other web content.


Sabine has been our dedicated Dutch Project Manager in Peru since 2007. Sabine first came to Huaraz as part of our volunteer program and she decided to emigrate to Peru shortly after , where she first lived in Huaraz and now in Lima. Sabine speaks excellent Spanish, has a background in HR and Culture and Organisational Management and has extensive experience as a fundraiser and project coordinator. Sabine also manages our Dutch and English social media pages. 

Clarita, the project coordinator of soup kitchen Nos Da Alegria and Elita, the project coordinator of soup kitchen La Gran Mesa & Studiefund, have also been with us for many years now. Apart from managing the kitchen staff and organising the activities for the children, they have learned to do the budgeting and administration of the projects, manage our Spanish social media pages, and work with the community to organise local fundraisers.

Sabine, Clarita and Elita work closely together. The three of them manage the following Peruvian team:

Roxana, cook La Gran Mesa
Stuart, kitchen hand La Gran Mesa
Tomasa, kitchen hand La Gran Mesa 
Diana, activities assistant La Gran Mesa
Elvira, activities assistant La Gran Mesa
Mother superior Irene, administrative controller soup kitchen La Gran Mesa & shelter Los Pinos

Hilda, cook Nos Da Alegria
Benita, cook Nos Da Alegria
Dariela, book keeper Nos Da Alegria
Rocio, cook Nos Da Alegria
Liz, activities assistant Nos Da Alegria

Without their hard work and dedication, our projects could not exist!