By training up the kitchen staff, activities leaders and project coordinators, we have empowered a team of about 20 Peruvian ladies, who are now doing their own bookkeeping, project management and fundraising.

During the past 15 years we have gradually shifted the balance of our organisation from the Netherlands to Peru. While previously we worked with some 15 Dutch volunteers to keep all the projects running and raise all funds needed, eith just 3 team members in Peru, we now have about 15 Peruvian team members and just a handful of Dutch volunteers who run the charity. Some other women have previously worked for us and have now moved on, having been empowered by the experienced they have gained while working in our kitchens.

How do we empower these women?

We are extremely proud of our Peruvian team, who get a very low pay (because they do this partly as volunteers to advance their community and help their kids) and who put in a lot of extra hours in to make it all happen.