In our soup kitchens in Huaraz we daily feed up to 200 children who come from very poor backgrounds and need this service to survive.

Food = Education

Without the promise of a daily meal, the children who visit our soup kitchens would likely not attend school, so we not only feed them but also make sure they get a basic education. 

When we first started out, very few children attended school because they were asked by their parents towork on the land with them, or beg on the streets. There was no way the parents could feed them otherwise and you can't study on an empty stomach. As soon it was clear that the kids would receive a warm meal during school hours however, they could attend school again.

After a few years we were able to start a vegetable garden alongside the soup kitchens, so now the children still learn about agriculture, but spent far more time studying and playing.

In our soup kitchens we make sure that:

  • the kids get all the vitamins, fibre and protein they need
  • the meals are substantial, because if may be the only meal they get that day
  • the food is seasonal and fresh

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