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Foundation "To Be A Child" has been funding a children's shelter since 2003 and in later years has contributed to 2 existing soup kitchens and started up 2 other soup kitchens. In 2008, we've also initiated a Study Fund for the former children of the shelter. These formerly deprived children are now young ladies on their way to independence.

Soup Kitchens

In our soup kitchens we are providing up to 200 people, mainly children, with a nutritious daily meal. We also organise educational and fun activities for them. In these soup kitchens, we also give courses, have established vegetable gardens and run a dentist project.

The soup kitchens we currently still manage in Peru are:

  • "La Gran Mesa" (The Big Table) in Los Pinos, Huaraz

  • "Nos Da Alegria" (The Happiness) in Raimondi, Raimondi

Children's Shelter Los Pinos

In 2003 we took on the responsibility of funding a children's shelter in a convent in Huaraz, which is run by a handful of dedicated nuns from the order Madre María Teresa Caméra, from Italy.

Since then, we've helped some 30-50 children with shelter, clothing, healthy meals, and an education. We've also provided health care, therapy for traumatised kids, fun group activities, music and sports lessons and countless other much-needed facilities.

For the first group of 21 children, who come from extremely poor families and in many cases can't return home, we have vowed to help them until they are fully independent.

Study Fund

After having taken care of the children in Los Pinos for so long, we couldn't just abandon them as soon as they turned 18 (which is the age they have to leave the children's home in the convent).

So, in 2008, we have decided to start a Study Fund, to save up money for their studies. Six girls have already finished their studies and are now working and fully independent. Some other students are still attending university or learning a practical trade.

We currently still help:

  • 3 students in Huaraz
  • 2 students in Lima
  • a young mother with her partner (and their baby), along with her younger sister, who desperately want to finish their secondary education in Lima so they can find proper work

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