The children that participate at the soup kitchens of Foundation To Be A Child, don´t celebrate Christmas at home.

Stichting Wees Kind is just a small charity organisation, of 4 Dutch people and about 10 Peruvian people who together manage 4 projects. However, it wasn't always like this. For years we managed 4 soup kitchens, a volunteering & language course project, a children's shelter for 21 children and a study project at the same time. All this with on average just 15 Dutch volunteers, who also had full-time jobs or their own business and, in many cases, a family to look after. Assisted by only a handful of hard-working women in Peru, this small team made miracles happen...

We are taking a moment to look back at 2015 and thank all of our supporters.

Without our loyal sponsors in The Netherlands, Peru and Australia we could not have completed this year so successfully. Thanks to some very generous donations, a few hundred children received a daily healthy meal and were able to play and learn during the sporty, fun and cultural group activities.

Besides that, two former residents of the children's home in Los Pinos, were able to finish the theory part of their vocational education in healthcare. Meanwhile, two other young ladies had the chance to continue their studies this year. The youngest of the girls we help in the children's home Los Pinos, is also looking back on a very good year.

The biggest change in 2015 was that the Dutch part of our team now only consists out of four active team members: Anja, Peter, Barbara and Sabine. This turned out to be an advantage in many ways, because each of us has set responsibilities and we can communicate efficiently and, if needed, act or change direction quickly.

After years of training, our team in Peru works almost completely independently now and carry our projects. This dedicated group of women is getting help from a growing group of followers in Peru itself. Our Dutch Project Manager Sabine and the Peruvian Project Coordinators Elita and Clarita are assisted by Madre Irene (the new mother superior in the convent), 5 hard- working ladies who cook and do the bookkeeping and 3 motivated youngsters who help in the kitchen and organize activities. Throughout the years our support network in Huaraz has grown and we now receive more local help with donations, manpower and local fundraising activities.

All of this combined means that we are very optimistic to be able to continue all of our projects the same way in 2016!

Happy New Year / Feliz Año Nuevo

Gracias amigos!

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Foundation "To Be A Child" has been funding a children's shelter since 2003 and in later years has contributed to 2 existing soup kitchens and started up 2 other soup kitchens. In 2008, we've also initiated a Study Fund for the former children of the shelter. These formerly deprived children are now young ladies on their way to independence.

Two Italian volunteers, Giulia and Federica heard about soup kitchen The Happiness through it's projectcoordinator Clarita.