Like us, Globetrotting for Good (formerly Goodwill Globetrotting) is a small organisation that works with volunteers to make big chances in poor countries. Years ago, we joined forces and help each other out to promote our projects.
In 2015, Globetrotting for Good gave some of their Peru-based affiliated charities the opportunity to present ground level projects through their 'Member Support Program'.

Foundation To Be A Child presented them with two projects on our wish list:
1) The repainting of soup kitchen La Gran Mesa (The Big Table)
2) A new vegetable garden for soup kitchen Nos Da Alegria (The Happiness).

We were so fortunate to receive help from Globetrotting for Good with both projects! Because their globetrotters couldn't make it to Huaraz, they sent a donation to make the repainting of the soup kitchens, and later also the vegetable garden possible.

New paint

In the soup kitchen La Gran Mesa in Los Pinos, Huaraz, the paint job was done during the short school holidays when the soup kitchen was closed. This way the painters had all the space to do a good job and the paint could dry well. Keeping our kitchen open on school days is important, so the children don't have to miss out on their only big meal of the day.

The Friday before the painting started, all kids and other visitors of the soup kitchen helped to clean the walls and move furniture to clear out the space. This was all led by project coordinator Elita, whom also contracted the painters, bought the materials needed and checked on the painters while they were working.

When the participants returned after the holidays they were all pleasantly surprised by the result. The soup kitchen looked brand new! There were nice, fresh colors on the walls but they had managed to keep the painting of the cow that some of our volunteers had painted many years back!

Now, the only thing missing was new decorations for on the walls and, after lunch each day, the children worked on this task with a lot of enthusiasm.

Vegetable Garden

For soup kitchen The Happiness the paint is provided by the Sabio Antonio Raimondi school of which it is part. For that reason, we proposed to Globetrotting for Good that the funds would be used for a vegetable garden for instead. The terrain for the vegetable garden was already marked out, but the work hard to wait until an unusually firece rainy season was over.  In early 2016, the garden was planted with the help of the kitchen team, the parents and the kids. The seeds grew quick and soon after, in May 2016, the first lettuce was already harvested. The children can now eat fresh vegetables from their own garden and this will help the soup kitchen to save money.

On behalf of all the participants of our soup kitchens and everyone from Foundation To Be A Child: GRACIAS GLOBETROTTING FOR GOOD!

Muchas Gracias Goodwill Globetrotting!! For making all this possible!!